b5 Havocs

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The Havocs, A Retelling

Book Five, The Realms

1. A small band of adventures s gathered together as caravan guards by the local teamsters guild. The Havocs are unofficially formed. This small band is assigned a delivery from Silverymoon to the wizard Mellar. This delivery unbeknownst to our small band is a crate full of magical items and weapons being moved s commonly as grain or compost.
They then seek employment from the Second Paladinhood. They set off to the north. They count among their ranks: Haley an archer and woodswoman, Kyan a paladin of the Second, Theaben a warlock of Silvermoon, Mannix the monk (before he becomes horribly evil), Smasher the fighter and Dil of the Battlehammer clan.

From his dark and sinister lair deep in the bowels of the Sun Less Citadel, the druid, Belak turns from his craft and summons an army of undead monstrosities, known as twigt blights abnd twig demons. The Havocs infiltrate the ruins he called home. They battle through a existing war bewtween kobolds and and started their path of disturbance to the North as their future leader, Haley slays him with a single arrow. During the battle Mannix and Theaben free Gulthias from the tree that grew from the stake that supposedly slayed him. Smasher dies during the adventure.

2. The dragon Wulatar unleashes her fire on the villages and towns between Silvermoon and Mirarbar. Returning south from their campaign, the Havoks gather the refugees from the dragon attack and meet briefly with the Second Paladinhood before they launch their campaign to meet the Silver Hand. The havoks are joined by the murderous Little Joe.

3. The Havoc warlock known as Theaben is killed by an artifact of the Gith. He is mysteriously brought back to consciousness but not life and he leads an army of refugees from the dragon’s attacks to the gates of Mirabar but are not permitted in. Theaben’s unlife protects him from martial and magical onslought as he negotiates protection for the refugees. Several Havoks find a secret way through dwarven tunnels into the city.

4. The Havocs meet with the lord of Mirabar (name?). The lord of Mirabar is killed by the Havocs revealing that he and several important people of the city had been replaced with Yaun-ti infiltrators. A brief civil war is lead killing all remaining Yaun-Ti. Dil leaves the group but is replaced by his Thundertwin, Gil Bean Battle Battlehammer.

5. Mirarbar’s great hall is destroyed by the Havocs in their first collapse of an astral gate. It is later discovered as an attempt to thwart a Gith invasion which occurs during the Yaun-ti civil war. In the aftermath Gil Beanbattle Battlehammer, a dwarven cleric and member of the Havocs, is announced the Lord of Mirarbar. Theaben disappears in a magical mishap.

6. The orcs lay seige to Mirarbar but are thwarted largely by the plans of the Siegewizard, Allahstrahna who was hired by Gil Beanbattle Battlehammer to defend the city. The Havocs are sent for aid to the Paladinhood but find it in shambles attacked by Gulthias who steals an orb, during their mission. Theaben is summoned inadvertently during a fight in the tower of the Second. The Paladin Kyan is killed and the vengeful mother Kallis joins the Havocs. Theaben leaves the Havocs.

7. The Havocs travel to Silvermoon where they report on the findings of the Second. Mannix is cursed by a demon idol and runs off. The Havocs replace their ranks from the dead and lost adding, Roscoe (an infamous bard), Bidjara (a druid queen from a mysterious land) and ??? (a dragon shaman and brother to Bidjara). Haley is appointed a lady and is given the role of keeper of the Second Paladinhood. The Havocs make their Adventuring Band status official.

8. The Havocs remain in Silvermoon until it is invaded by the Gith. The Havocs drive the Gith back to the Astral Plane.

9. The Havocs return to Mirabar where the druid queen Bidjara is imprisoned and commits suicide after attacking Theaben. Little Joe also runs off taking with him the remains of Kyan. Haley has Smasher resurrected.

10. The Siege of Mirabar is largely at a standstill, the Orcs are afraid to cross a line of death laid down by Allahstrahna. The Havocs strike south with the intent of confronting the Fire Bringer. The Mulhurandian priest Rhaal joins the Havocs.

11. The Havocs cross the south massacring orcish encampments. They eventually meet with the king of the Orcs and enter a treaty with him, agreeing to speak for him with the lords of Silvermoon to get his own kingdom in exchange for assistance getting to the Fire Bringer.

12. The Havocs are reprimanded by Lady Alustriel for opening a tear in reality to one of the demonic or devilish realms. Unknown evils escape before the portal can be sealed.

13. The Havoks confront Little Joe and retrieve the body of Kyan, the paladin. Theaben is sent to Haley as a gift to assist them in their assault on the Fire Bringer. The dragon shaman ???? latches on to Little Joe as he teleports to safety disappearing and presuming meeting his end. Theaben is instructed to steal an ancient artifact for the Vampire Lord (some rod – archmage thingy).

14. The Adventuring party enters the keep of the Fire Bringer and wreck . . . well, havoc. . . . throughout the ancient keep. They murder and gouge and destroy their way to the heart and then they destroy half the Astral Plane in a mad attempt to untressle the Fire Bringers domain from the planer cosmos.

15. The Havocs return to Silvermoon to rest and recover. It is discovered that Theaben was controlled by Gulthias for half of the events of the year the gaeas on the warlock is broken but he is left mad. Gulthias confronts the party in the chambers of Lady Alustriel herself. He tries to take the rod Theaben recovered from the keep, but is destroyed utterly by Haley as she activates the rod (or is he?). Theaben leaves for the wildernesses of the north where he begins rights to become a demilich, believing that Gulthias still exists and he must be destroyed. Rhaal resurrects the paladin Kyan as a final favor for Haley and then returns to lead his people to freedom against the Thay. Gil and Dil still run Mirabar and are restoring the city to profits. Allahstrahna started a siegecraft and magic school near Mirabar to study and train siegekeepers. Smasher, Kyan and Haley live peacefully in Silvermoon. Roscoe was fully pardoned and immediately disappeared. Little Joe and Mannix remain at large and should be killed on sight.

Who/what were they?
Haley – Half-elf ranger/wizard and Arcane Archer and leader of the Havocs
Kyan – Human Paladin of Helm and of the Second
Smasher – Human Fighter
Mannix – Human Monk
Theaben – Human Warlock later Cursed
Gil – Dwarven Cleric
Dil – Dwarven Fighter
Kallis – Human Ranger and expert swordswoman
Roscoe – Reduced Halfling Bard
Bidjara – Human Druid
??? – Human Dragon Shaman
Little Joe – Halfling Rogue/Assassin
Rhaal – Asimaar Cleric
Allahstrahna – Sun Elf Wizard

b5 Havocs

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