b3 Seekers

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I actually have the wrong episode here, I will have it fixed shortly, but, for entertainment purposes, I posted this:

The Seekers action figure set.

Stratos: Air Genasi WIZ/Elemental Savant.

“Stratos Flyers”, little flying toy painted blue with Startos’s face on it.

The Stratos Action figure, levitates in the air

Feanor: Wood Elf FTR/RGR cohort.

“The Feanor Rider”, Little wood elf action figure made to sit on the Stratos Flyer.

Nocte: Drow CLE/unique prestige class.

The Nocte Action Figure, with glowing holy symbol

Feyla: Drow WIZ cohort.

The Feyla Action Figure, with Glowing hands!

Gorin: Human ROG/Blades prestige class.

The Gorin Action figure, with tumbling ability (figure rolls into a ball)

The Gorin Constable set, a Badge that says Gorin, a set of toy manacles, A little magnifying glass.

Khalil: Human SOR/FTR.

The Khalil Action figure, with old Evil Kahlil and New Good Kahlil Faces.

Taran: Aasimar ROG/RGR/FTR/CHM/Contemplative.

The Taran Action figure, with

Sir Davos: Human FTR/PAL cohort.

The Sir Davis Action Figure with Dire Lion

b3 Seekers

The Orphans, Book 6 of The Realms Malvrik