b2 Spike

This page is under construction. There is much missing here from Spikes tale. I will be asking his player for help in retelling this series of late night games over bruno’s pizza.

An infamous villain in the Waterdeep area was known as Spike. He was guilty of horrific deeds and has gone missing about 5 years ago. This Alleged Pscionicist has been accused of the Murder of a known Waterdeep Wizard, the “Spiked Villa Incident”, transforming small children into horrific beasts and the complete destruction of an entire village to include ever man woman and child.

Early during his pscionicist studies, spike “inherited” a intelligent staff named Fred. Fred ended up corrupting spike to level of human depravity hardly ever known in the realms. Drow elves fear spike to this day.

During one mission, spike and a few other adventurers, including the infamous Smasher and Basher duo, were assigned to protect a lords property in northern Waterdeep from several armed assaults. In the process of this attack, as spike or his fellows killed an enemy, they would after each short clash, mount the heads of these individuals on the spiked wall surrounded this affluent property.

Later spike murdered a well known wizard in waterdeep by putting a bare spike on a bar counter the wizard was drinking at then forcing the wizard’s head down upon the spike very forcibly.

Spike also defeated an entire Drow elf surface raiding army by using the powers he found in Fred.

b2 Spike

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