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  • Brennon Thistersen

    Memories of the New

    Brennon Thistersen gazed up at the imposing tower of the Blackstaff Academy with nervousness tingling down his arms. It was the same feeling he had when he was brought here for his apprenticeship. At the time, he was …

  • Fulcrim

    h3. Its Mostly Good Being an Owl _Its great being an owl!_ Thought Fulcrim as he launched himself enthusiastically from the shoulder of his master, Brennon. He snatched the chunk of stewed rabbit from the air and landed gracefully on a stack of books …

  • Anja Battlechef of Clan Wildbeard

    Anja of Clan Wildbeard grew up in Miribar. She learned to fight from an early age, to defend herself from teasing because she was always the tallest dwarf for her age. She also failed to grow a beard. As an adult, she was mocked behind her back with the …

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