The Orphans, Book 6 of The Realms

Those who Grub.

The as yet unnamed Moneygrubbers began outside the town of Nesme in the Silver Marches, when a mysterious figure known as “The Boss” hired a random group of Mercenaries and Adventurers, including Ranulf, A Dwarven Swordsman from Amn, Generation, a Famed Mageslaying Dwarven Druid from Waterdeep, Maestro, a Human Conjurer from Silverymoon, and Bill, a Wood Elf Archer…from wherever Bill is from. (The High Forest)

They were hired by “The Boss” to recover a circlet with a blue stone in the middle of a white and yellow sunburst on a titanium and gold band for his “wife” which both Generation and Maestro noticed no sign of. The Circlet was allegedly stolen by one of the spawn of Wu’Latar, an insane red dragon who supposedly lairs in the Spine of the World north of Mirabar. “The Boss” gave the party some horses and assigned his Kobold Accountant, Excel, to travel with the mercenaries and keep track of any expenditures.

The party then set out for Nesme to find a Cartographer, thinking to get a map, a map was provided by Excel, and the party stopped for lunch (I think) at the Laughing Halfling, where Ranulf and the party noticed a halfling bard who was telling stories, and mentioned a paladin named Mergal Landsharp, (refer to The Warning, and The Frozen) intrigued, Ranulf shared some of his Dwarven spirits (moonshine) with the halfling, and found that Mergal Landsharp was living in Nesme, at a home for retired Adventurers, Ranulf seemed to recall the Landsharps as having a very distinctive suit of armor, and was able to confirm that a Landsharp in a similar suit of armor had been seen in Nesme, going to visit Mergal at the Retired Adventurer’s home, the still unnamed Moneygrubbers traveled to a demi-plane that was some variety of recovery asylum for the mildly deranged Landsharp, where he had been drinking heavily as a way of medicating, the church of Torm was supplying the booze…(there’s definitely a better way to put that, I need an Editor!)

Generation purged the alcohol from the drunken Paladin’s system, and discovereed that the clergy of Torm were keeping the paladin drunk as a way of healing him. finding out the location using the map that Ranulf was given by Excel, he was able to point out the locations of several suspected lairs of Wu’Latar.

Using this information and setting out for Mirabar via Longsaddle, the party ran into a group of Hobgoblins a few days outside of Longsaddle that was attempting to charge 10 gold a head for passage to Longsaddle. The party quickly dispatched the majority of the Hobgoblins with a Firestorm courtesy of the Elemental Druid, Generation. the wizard Maestro was furious that all of the hobgoblins were killed over forty gold pieces, the party looted two suits of magical armor, a magical staff, a magical greatsword, and several masterwork weapons off of the hobgoblins before continuing on to Mirabar, deciding to cut around Longsaddle instead of stopping, as they had heard rumors of unrest (Dan? was that why we skipped Longsaddle?)

As they came within sight of Mirabar, the party felt a fairly strong magnitude earthquake, the party then decided to have Generation go into town and purchase rations, while the rest of the party continued on, thinking that the druid would be able to catch up quickly due to her shapeshifting abilities. Generation got the rations, spoke with the Adventuring Guildmaster of Mirabar about the possibility of a Tsunami coming up the River, and acquired a blank charter for an adventuring company, meeting the party just outside of Mirabar at the border of the Orc Kingdom of Many Arrows, where the party had been stopped at a border post.

Presenting the Charter to the party, Generation quickly got the group, minus Excel, to sign names on the charter, which listed the still unnamed chapter as “recruiting” and then asked for name ideas, by much acclaim, due to events of a few mere days prior, they chose the name “The Moneygrubbers”, they then presented the newly signed charter to the border guards, and, after warning of the surge, passed through to Many Arrows, and headed north towards the Sunless Citadel, and insert town here bypassing both, the newly named Moneygrubbers camped on the hillside outside the lair of (possibly) Wu’Latar, with a dragon doing a fly-over, we left our intrepid adventurers……


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