Ancient Female Red Dragon


The great dragon that was battled by the Crystal Dragon over Miribar is an ancient red female dragon known to be lairing in the spine of the earth. She is rumored to be insane and known as Wu’Latar. Her specific insanity is believed to be a form of dragon senility. She has been heard to scream “My children, you stole my children!” During recent fly overs of Miribar, Waterdeep and Luskan. During a recent full on attack of Neverwinter, she was seen to target schools, orphanages and homes with children screaming, in common, “If you take my Children, I will destroy yours!”

Her recent attack, resulting in 57 dead, mostly children, and over 650 wounded, has upp’ed the ante for most of the local powers of good. Several areas are actively recruiting teams to deal with this increasing threat.



The Orphans, Book 6 of The Realms Malvrik