Tarkle Gulthias

The Arch Vampire Lord


Tarkle Gulthias started life as the first born son of a wealthy Elf Lady, a true Elvin Princess and her Wizard husband. They lived in Chandathau on his Mother’s estate, on the Lands of her brother, the King. Tarkle was a promising Mageling at 129 having already been accepted to a very prestigious wizard’s academy. He was forced to leave due to his absence from getting forcibly inducted into a human Army fighting a war. During the war he met a human wizard that he apprenticed with for 15 years. He was quite a successful adventurer and a member of the famed “The Righteous Might”, and then a member of the illustrious adventuring group “The Quad” This was a group of four elf Wizards. Tarkle was a natural wizard, before long he could cast some spells with no components and even some with no words. He even eventually became very good with a blade, eventually gaining the title Blade Singer.

During one of their adventures a horrible fate befell Tarkle. He was slain by blood drain by the Vampire Lord Vasladium. Tarkle was only 160. Tarkle arose a vampire and aspired to free himself from his master’s control, eventually killing his master during a moment of passion with him. For this act Tarkle was known for a while as the Male Black Widow, but this was of course never said to his face. Tarkle advanced to being a Vampire Lord himself upon the slaying of Vasladium. His hatred of everything good became much more controlled when he reverted to a lawful alignment. He now appears as a well refined Elf Aristocrat.

In DR 373, Tarkle was staked in the heart, at the Citadel of the Dragon <sunless>, with a magical stake created by the Arch Druid Shoralonas. The resulting magical release of energy caused the Citadel to sink hundreds of feat into the earth and a chasm open in the ground for miles in two directions. In the courtyard where Tarkle was staked a tree grew out of the stake to utterly envelop Tarkle. This tree was poisoned by Tarkle’s evil and became evil itself, even taking on a small piece of vampirism itself. The tree is now known as the Gulthias Tree.

The Gulthias Tree lies deep underground in an evil grove, guarded by an Evil Druid known as Belak. In its being is the entity that was known as Tarkle.


The Havocs unintentionally released Tarkle upon the lands of Faeruhn. Tarkle is out, has retaken his Title of Arch Vampire lord and has been causing his own havoc when and where he may.

It should be special noted that one of the members of the Havoc’s was Tarkle’s own Grandaughter. Known as Haley. It has been argued this was an intentional act. The performance of the Havoc’s, lead by Haley, in defeating the Fire Bringer, saving Miribar, saving Silverymoon and stopping the invading Orc horde have caused these theories to be largely ignored by most sane people.

Tarkle should be avoided at ALL costs, he is as charismatic as he is dangerous and will stop at NOTHING to achieve his goals, whatever they may be.


Tarkle Gulthias

The Orphans, Book 6 of The Realms Malvrik