First Sergent of the Hero's Hope Orphanage


In command of the safety of the children in the orphanage.


Mulpke is clearly more than an old one armed Paladin. His tendency to wear all black can be bit scary for new orphans at times. His demeanor is gruff, his eyes sharp, his knowledge of magic a little much. He is a stickler for sanitation and OFTEN harasses the cooking staff about the tiniest of violations of his "Kitch / Gally Health and Cleanliness standards of Sanitation, Vol.2 Version 3.5C.

He is even MORE meticulous in the training standards for the courses he writes for the Adventurer’s Guild. Occasionally a student will be foolish enough to tease him about missing an arm. He threatens to teach them self defense against fruit. no one gets this joke.


The Orphans, Book 6 of The Realms danielc_gm